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European Silk Road Summit 2021

An ever-shifting market

Rail freight along the New Silk Road proved its efficiency by keeping the supply chains running during the pandemic. The industry acquired a more reliable and resilient profile, but new concerns and opportunities emerge as the New Silk Road develops. Rolling stock is not always available, and container prices fluctuate. What determines the container prices? What steps lie ahead for rail freight to reach stability and benefit from the competition? On 7 & 8 December 2021 the fifth edition of the European Silk Road took place in Amsterdam, where we dived into this trending matter. 

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RailFreight Summit Poland 2021

Freight and the European Year of Rail

2021 is the European Year of Rail. This is the year rail transportation is in the spotlight more than ever. What does this mean for rail freight in the CEE region? Has it stimulated a modal shift? Has it improved the infrastructure that so many operators need? In other words, what is the result so far? At the RailFreight Summit Poland 2021, we discussed the European Year of Rail for freight as well as multimodal freight possibilities and the New Silk Road and the position of the CEE region.

Over 250 freight professionals met at the biggest edition of the RailFreight Summit so far.

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RailFreight Networking Days

Maintaining your network and finding new business relations is crucial to build on the development of the rail freight industry together. There is a great urgency to connect and exchange insights. On 9 and 10 June we organised the digital RailFreight Networking Days. As the name already tells, on these days networking was key. 

Via our event platform dedicated to networking, attendees were able to plan 1-on-1 video meetings with each other to build on their network. Moreover, updates on the rail freight market were given in presentations and panel discussions in four different sessions.

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European Silk Road Summit 2020

New Silk Road – a shock-proof corridor

The coronavirus was without doubt the main development impacting the logistics industry. An important stop on the New Silk Road, Wuhan, was ground-zero of the outbreak. Still, rail freight has proven to be resilient; a solution even to revive the disturbed supply chain between Europe and Asia. The 4th edition of the European Silk Road Summit took place on 10 & 11 November 2020 in a digital environment.

Professional online event: including one-on-one networking

During this year’s digital edition, we have broadcasted from different studios in Europe and China. We discussed the developments on the New Silk Road in 2020. What did the volumes do? What do these figures tell us? And has this impacted Chinese policy on Eurasian rail freight?

It was also a perfect meeting place to meet 250+ industry professionals in a virtual environment by means of 1-0n-1 meeting possibilities.

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RailFreight Summit Poland 2020

Shifting to Rail

The third edition of the RailFreight Summit took place on 1, 2 and 3 September 2020 in Poznan, Poland. Due to its geographic importance, the region in and around Poland is developing in rapid pace. A network of hubs is in the making, connecting countries such as Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia to Western Europe, China, the Baltic states and the Adriatic coast. At this event, high-level speakers shared their insights and knowledge on this topic.

Topics discussed

  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Connecting European Ports
  • Hub and Spoke System
  • Successful Hubs as an Example
  • Intermodal Network and Terminals
  • Baltic or Adriatic?
  • Europe or China?
  • Rail Baltica Impact
  • New Silk Road Impact
  • Corridors in Poland

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European Silk Road Summit 2019

Building the business case in Europe

Whoever thought that the New Silk Road was just a hype a few years back has been proven wrong. The volumes are still growing every day, traffic is moving towards east and west and the scope of the project is still expanding, as more and more countries are getting involved. At the same time, the New Silk Road is maturing. The test phase is over, trains are running with full containers and according to schedule. 

At least, that is what we have heard. On 26 and 27 November experts from all over the world gathered in Venlo, the Netherlands to share their latest knowledge, perspective or experience. Think of logistics providers, operators, shippers, politicians and academics; all will be there, either on stage or in the audience. This is when the New Silk Road gets together.

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RailFreight Summit 2019

The second edition of the RailFreight Summit took place on 15 and 16 May 2019 in Gdansk, Poland. High-level expert speakers shared their knowledge and experience on the position of Poland and surrounding countries at crossroads between Europe and Asia, including the New Silk Road connections and other routes in development. The following topics were discussed during the conference:

  • New Silk Road connections, routes and the position of Poland
  • new routes to the Adriatic coast
  • the connection to Ukraine
  • the shift to central and eastern Europe
  • EU policy in eastern Europe
  • the broad gauge network
  • logistics hotspots in Poland

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Freight & Terminal Forum

The first edition of the Freight & Terminal Forum took place on 26-28 March 2019 in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands. The rail freight industry is growing and so are business opportunities. By organising the Freight & Terminal Forum, we contributed to the knowledge exchange in the sector and creating networking opportunities.

Part of the event was an exhibition and a conference on Rail Terminal Efficiency.

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RailFreight Summit 2018

RailFreight Summit 2018 took place on 20-21 March 2018 in Wroclaw (Poland), the key topic was the Silk Road Gateway Poland. High level expert speakers shared their knowledge and experience on the silk road; the route and connections, what it means for supply chains and logistics in general, the risks, the interest of China, what it means for Poland and much more.

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