RailFreight on Tour – The Hungarian Edition

In the past few years, Hungary has made a huge leap forward, in terms of infrastructure, facilities and services. Hungary should be placed on the international rail freight map once again, is the consensus, and there is no time to waste. Technology plays a key role in this: state-of-the-art terminals are built and digitalisation will lead the way. Budapest is no longer the only hub in the country. At The Hungarian Edition of the RailFreight on Tour, the potential of Hungary on the international rail freight map will be explored. 

On 19-20 October 2022, RailFreight.com travels to Debrecen, Hungary, for the third edition of the RailFreight on Tour travelling event concept. The event will take place in English and Hungarian. Hungarian translation will be provided. 

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The event takes place in:

Topics that will be discussed during the event:

Who could you meet?

At the second edition of RailFreight on Tour you will meet logistics specialists around Europe and the region of Hungary. At the event you will gain knowledge about the latest developments, routes, corridors and connections in and around Hungary.

At the event you will meet:

Special Digital Magazine

Hungary is developing fast and so, our editorial team write a lot about the upcoming transit country. In the run up to the event, the editorial team of RailFreight.com created a nice digital magazine with the best read articles on the development of Hungary.

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