RailFreight Networking Days
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Get connected and meet up with fellow rail freight professionals!

Majorie van Leijen
Programme Director

Maintaining your network and finding new business relations is crucial to build on the development of the rail freight industry together; maybe even more crucial in these extraordinary times. There is a great urgency to connect and exchange insights. On 9 and 10 June we organise the RailFreight Networking Days. As the name already tells, on these days networking is key. Join us!

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Get connected

The RailFreight Networking Days are organised to meet your (potential) business relations. Via several possibilities you can meet with other professionals. Have a look at the video below how it works.

You can network via:

Gain knowledge

Part of the programme will also be content sessions filled with presentations, interactive workshops and panel discussions. The content sessions are divided into several topics:

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Connecting industries and speed up business relations are key elements of the Railfreight Networking days. Show your services and products amongst all attendees and get connected!

We offer numerous possibilities, just want to showcase your expertise and services to a broad audience or want to elaborate and interact in the content sessions with a targeted audience? Get in touch!

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