RailFreight on Tour – The Lithuanian Edition

Lithuania is currently among the hot-trending rail freight markets, increasingly attracting more attention. The country’s position in the Baltic region is ideal for creating cargo flows to and from the European mainland, Scandinavia or even the Black Sea region. Can Lithuania become a new rail freight crossroad? What possibilities does it offer for interconnectivity, intermodal traffic and transcontinental links? At The Lithuanian Edition of the RailFreight on Tour, we dived into these questions and explored Lithuania’s potential for business growth. 

RailFreight.com travelled to Vilnius, Lithuania on 14 & 15 June, for the first-ever edition of the RailFreight on Tour travelling event concept.

Topics that were discussed during the event:

  • Chances, Opportunities & Regional focus
  • Modal shift from truck to rail: The sustainable corridor
  •  New corridors by Lithuania

Who could you meet?

At the first edition of RailFreight on Tour you could meet logistics specialists around Europe and the region of Lithuania. At the event our attendees gained knowledge about the latest developments, routes, corridors and connections in and around Lithuania.

At the event you could meet:

  • logistics providers
  • operators
  • shippers
  • carriers
  • academics
  • policymakers
  • lawyers
  • consultants

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