RailFreight Summit Special Edition
Instability on the corridor

“It is crucial for the international rail freight industry to stay connected during these unusual times”

Majorie van Leijen

Editor-in-Chief RailFreight.com

Just at the moment that the impact of the pandemic was felt a little less, the war in Ukraine started, having an immediate impact on international rail freight. How is the supply chain affected by the war in Ukraine? By the sanctions on Russian companies? Is the New Silk Road via Russia still a viable option? What has been the market response? What can be done to overcome this challenge?

The international community works best if it stays connected. On the 6th of April, we therefore organised the RailFreight Summit Special Edition in Brussels, Belgium. This conference is organised to encourage this connection and continue working together on the next challenge on the road.

Hybrid event

The event took place in Brussels, Belgium in a hybrid format.

Topics and themes

During the event, we focused on the current situation, prognoses alternatives and latest developments all to encourage this connection and continue working together. The following topics were discussed:

  • Current situation & prognoses
  • Middle corridor & other alternatives
  • Sanctions & payments
  • The future of rail freight

During the programme there was a lot of room for discussion and finding solutions.

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