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Do you want to connect with Innovative Startups in the railway industry? Then join the StartUp Festival!’

Larissa van Heiningen
Project Management

We are pleased to announce that a StartUp Festival will be part of the Freight & Terminal Forum. The Startup Festival offers a marketplace of innovation in the rail industry. This matchmaking platform brings together startups, industry stakeholders and investors at the most central location between RailTech Europe 2019 (the event held concurrent with Freight & Terminal Forum) and Freight & Terminal Forum.

Are you a startup and do you want to exhibit in the StartUp Festival, download the brochure below for more information.

Download brochure

Bright minds think alike
The current rail industry needs young professionals to modernise processes and help to ensure safer and more effective railways. RailTech Europe and Freight & Terminal Forum 2019 offers a unique platform for all involved in the industry and startups are invited to join under special conditions and rates.

To make an appointment or receive more information about StartUp Festival, please see the contact details below;

Larissa van Heiningen
Project Manager
Tel: +31 (0) 6 57 76 40 13