Conference Improving Rail Terminal Efficiency

The conference Improving Rail Terminal Efficiency took place on 28 March 2018, the last day of the Freight and Terminal Forum. It was a full-day programme, bringing together professionals from the rail freight and terminal industry.



Terminals form an essential link in the logistics chain, but for rail, are not always exploited to their full potential. The efficiency of terminals is key in proving a reliable, attractive rail freight sector. Whether we consider inland terminals, multimodal terminals or synchromodal terminals, there are many gains to win.

During this conference, the following topics were discussed: 

  • Terminal Location: how should terminals be distributed over a given territory? What is the ideal sea port/inland terminal ratio?
  • Estimated Time of Arrival: projects, initiatives and ideas to improve the reliability of rail and the costs of delays
  • Terminal Design: products and concepts on the market today that help improve terminal efficiency
  • Process Automation: the latest technologies and concepts on terminals today

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Programme & Speakers

Speakers of the conference Improving Rail Terminal Efficiency included: