Conference Terminal Efficiency

UtrechtThe Netherlands

Download free webinar on Rail Terminal Efficiency on 27 February

In the build up to the Freight & Terminal Conference on Rail Terminal Efficiency, we organised a webinar about the importance of efficient terminals for rail freight. Terminals are not just a business on their own, they are the interface where different modalities come together. Developing efficient terminals is key when improving rail freight performance.

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Webinar speakers

Chairwoman of the conference Majorie van Leijen discussed the importance of efficient terminals for rail freight with the following speakers:


  1. Ad Toet, railway consultant and coordinator of the ELETA project
  2. Peter Pardoel, Member of the board of directors of the Cabooter group Venlo & Chairman of SMART Logistic Centre Venlo
  3. Jarno Kuipers, Senior Manager Terminal Development at Kalmar