METRANS Terminal Gadki

At the RailFreight Summit you have the possibility to join a tour to the main hub terminal of METRANS in Poland in the morning of 3 September (09.30 – 12.00 CET).

METRANS Gądki Terminal

In the morning of 3 September a site visit to the METRANS terminal Poznań in Gądki will take place from 09.30 until 11.30 CET. The Gądki terminal is one of the five METRANS hub terminals and is the main hub terminal of METRANS in Poland. The terminal has over 3 000 trains per year, with an average commercial speed 60 km/h which is the fastest on the market.

The capacity of the terminal is as follows:

  • Handling equipment 15 reachstackers
  • Terminal area: 426 000 sqm
  • Storage: 11 750 TEU

METRANS connections to the New Silk Road:

Date and time

The site visit will take place in the morning of 3 September from 09.30 – 12.00 CET and is free to attend for delegates of the RailFreight Summit. Please note that you have to register for the summit first, before being able to attend the site visit.

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Register for the site visit

Please register for the RailFreight Summit first, before registering for the site visit. Already registered for the summit? Please register for the visit by clicking on the ‘attend’ button. Please note: there are limited seats available.