Bottlenecks and solutions

This session contains of a set of discussions about several sections on the railway network in and around Poland. Confirmed speakers are:

14.00-14.15: From Rzepin to Germany
Roland Verbraak, General Manager at GVT Group of Logistics

While a lot has been said about the railway network in Poland, its border crossings are equally important. GVT Intermodal has been running a terminal in Rzepin, just across the border with Germany. The company is familiar with the western part of Poland and the capacity of the network to facilitate westbound traffic via Frankfurt Oder. In this presentation, Roland Verbraak discusses the bottlenecks and opportunities in this part of Poland.

14.15-14.30: From the Baltic Sea to the south
Dariusz Stefanski, CEO of PCC Intermodal

If there is any company with experience on the north-south corridor in Poland, it is PCC Intermodal. From the ports on the Baltic Sea to the economic centres of Kutno, Gliwice and Brzeg Dolny, the intermodal operator carries hundreds of thousands TEU’s per year. The company is able to pinpoint exactly what could improve on this corridor to streamline the transportation of cargo even more. In this presentation, Dariusz Stefanski discusses the challenges and opportunities to improve.

14.30-15.00: Debate about the bottlenecks and possible solutions
By audience

After listening to the insight of two experts, the audience may engage in a debate about the bottlenecks on the Polish network. Several statements will be made for the audience to respond to and to discuss. Policymakers are present to listen and respond. It is a chance to be heard and to come to new conclusions.

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