US vs European RailFreight: Synergies & differences

On 25th May we organised a hybrid event on: US vs European RailFreight: Synergies & differences. There were only a limited number of physical tickets available. A high-level delegation from the US has confirmed physical attendance. The event took place on Thursday 25 May from 10:00-13:00 CEST and was broadcasted from Rotterdam.

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Europe and the United States have a significantly different approach when it comes to rail infrastructure and rail freight. The US were among the first to launch a large-scale liberalisation of the sector, whereas in Europe small companies are competing with bigger state-owned entities. During this webinar we highlighted and discussed these differences and what they mean for the respective industries.

Session 1: US and EU: different approaches to rail freight

In this session, we explored the similarities and differences between the railway networks in the United States and Europe. This session revolved around infrastructure management and the transportation of goods via rail in the two areas.

Speakers include:

  • Kimia Khatami, Corporate Senior Director of Business Development at Anacostia Rail Holdings. Ms. Khatami will elaborate on the volumes of goods transported by rail in the US and how the country’s network is designed.
  • Onno de Jong, Senior Transport consultant at Ecorys. Mr. de Jong will explain how the industry works in Europe and how institutions such as the European Union can get involved and shape the industry with policies and financing.

Session 2: Rail freight operations in US and European rail freight

In this session, we analysed the similarities and differences between the US and Dutch railway networks in terms of intermodality, infrastructure, and technology.

Speakers include:

  • Laura Fisher, Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Sundyne. Ms. Fisher will provide insights into the most reliable transportation modalities in the US, the mix of modalities used, and the bottlenecks involved.
  • Hans-Willem Vroon, Director of RailGood. Mr. Vroon will discuss the situation in Europe when it comes to rail freight operations.

Moderation by:
Marco Raimondi, Editor


Members of RailFreight Premium had free access to this event. You can become a RailFreight Premium member here. It was also possible to buy a ticket separately. Physical participation was € 195,- and digital participation was € 95,-.

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Confirmed participants:

  • Pacific Geosource (PGS), Senior Project Manager
  • WW Rowland Trucking Company INC, Vice President of Operations
  • University of Denver, Professor
  • Johns Mansville, Director of Global Logistics
  • Hub Group Vice President, Logistics Solutions
  • Trimac Transportation, Area Manager
  • Anacostia Rail Holdings Corporate, Senior Director of Business Development
  • Kansas Cïty Southern Railway Company, Assistant Vice President Operations Technology and Resource Planning
  • University of Denver, Academic Director
  • University of Denver, Professor
  • Schneider Intermodal, Director – Revenue Management
  • OMNITRAX, INC. Vice President – M&A
  • Omni Trax, Inc. President, COO and Board member for the TSC institute.
  • Canadian National Railroad, Superintendent of Operations – Chicago
  • Matson Logistics, Services Director
  • University of Denver, Board member for the TSC institute
  • United Parcel Service West, Zone Director of Surface Network Planning
  • TTX Company, Government Affairs Manager
  • Hessel Visser B.V., Partner in logistic improvements
  • Ecorys, Senior consultant
  • – Editor in Chief
  • – Division Director


Date:  25 May 2023

Location: ProMedia Studio’s, Weena 505, Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

Time: 10:00 – 13:00
10:00 – 12:00: Presentations & Discussion Panel
12:00 – 13:00  Lunch (only for physical participation)


Do you have any questions about our hybrid event? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Rob Vos
Division Director

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