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Dr. Klara Paardenkooper
Senior Lecturer Rotterdam Business School

Presentation title: 
This is how silk road logistics benefit from blockchain

Blockchain is a new disruptive technology, which is still in the phase of inflated expectations in the hype cycle of Gartner. However, there are already numerous initiatives to apply Blockchain in the logistics sector. The main applications of Blockchain are tracking and smart contracts. With the right implementation Blockchain can increase the trust and transparency between parties, simplify processes, eliminate paperwork and decrease transaction costs. A transport connection, such as the new silk road, where the cooperation of numerous parties in different countries is needed, an implementation of Blockchain might improve the efficiency substantially. This presentation firstly explains the possibilities of the application of Blockchain in logistics and secondly elaborates on the chances and restriction of its implementation at the new silk road.

Speaker biography:
Klara Paardenkooper is born is Szeged, Hungary in 1969. After a study English, Russian and Italian she moved to the Netherlands where she acquired a master title in economic history. In 2014 she received a PhD at the Erasmus University in Economic and Business History with a well cited thesis on the history of container transport between the Port of Rotterdam and its hinterland. Next to her thesis, which has also been published in Dutch entitled TEUREKA, she has numerous publications on port related subjects. Since 2014 she works at the Rotterdam University of applied sciences as a senior lecturer and researcher. Currently she is teaching research skills at the Graduate Department of the Rotterdam Business School and she is a Chain manager Blockchain at the RDM Centre of Expertise. Klara lives in Delft, the Netherlands, with her husband and three children.

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