Silk Road Gateway Poland


Erik Groot Wassink
Director special products at Nunner Logistics

Expert panel: how to start on the Silk Road

Erik Groot Wassink is because of his 30 years of experience in logistics services, a familiar face in the Netherlands and abroad. As Director Special Products he is responsible for Global Supply Chain solutions and Special Projects at NUNNER Logistics. Erik is an authority in the field of rail transport to Russia and the Central Asian republics. When some years ago the first containers from China came via rail to Europe, Erik was one of the first to see what this offered European logistics and NUNNER. Since then, traffic on the new Silk Road is one of the core business of NUNNER. NUNNER is one of the largest players on the railways in Russia and Kazakhstan for both conventional and container transport. In 2016 it was even the largest player for conventional transshipment at the Polish-White Russian border in Małaszewicze.

Nunner is a leading provider of logistics services is headquartered in Helmond in The Netherlands and it has 24 branches in Europe. Poland has proven to be an important part of NUNNER’s growth in Central Europe. In Poland Nunner operates 4 locations; in Sosnowiec, Wroclaw, Mirkóv, Grodzisk (Warsaw) with a total warehouse surface of 50.000m2. Warehouse and crossdock set up and distribution from these locations all over Poland as well as project business to Kazakhstan and China.