The 5th-anniversary edition of the RailFreight Summit will take place in the beautiful capital city of Poland, Warsaw! It is the largest city in Poland with a population of 1.8 million inhabitants. The venue of the event is “Sofitel Victoria Warsaw Hotel”.

Warsaw is the perfect location to organise RailFreight Summit 2022. With its central location, it’s accessible for attendees to join from all over the world. Whether it be by train or aeroplane, the city is easy to reach. This ensures a diverse international audience to attend RailFreight Summit 2022.

Warsaw offers a great destination for a city trip, whether it’s business or pleasure. It is known for its incredible landmarks, old town streets and squares, lively parks and local food.

What to do in Warsaw during your visit to RailFreight Summit 2022? You can visit the Old Town “The Beating Heart of Warsaw”, this part of the city dates all the way back to 700 years. The Old Town has a charming and cosy atmosphere, and many of the city’s famous landmarks are located there.

If you want to see nature you can visit the Vistula River – the last big, wild river in Europe. Along the river you can find natural sandy beaches, a perfect place to relax and enjoy the weather. You can also go on a river cruise on Vistula and see the city from a completely different perspective.

You can read more about Warsaw and what the city offers here.