Online event
Charging for access to state-owned transport infrastructure

On 21st of May 2021 and UIRR are organising a dedicated online event on the topic of charging for access to state-owned transport infrastructure. The aim is to bring together all stakeholders involved in the freight transport industry and to accelerate the discussion focused on rail and road access charging.


Road tolling vs. track access charges

The aim is to consider the issue of road tolling for heavy goods vehicles and track access charging for freight trains from four angles: the state-of-the-art in European track access charging principles, the status of European road tolling reform, the way of charging vs the impact on forms of transport and the impact on state budgets.

Topics to be discussed

The following topics will be discussed during the online event:

  • Main conclusions from the 2020 Track Access Charges Summit
  • The Eurovignette/Eurocharging Directive trialogue negotiations: how will access charges cover costs?
  • Facilitating modal shift through infrastructure charging
  • Replacing fuel tax revenues in state budgets: can infrastructure access charges play a role?