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How successful is the New Silk Road really?

The New Silk Road is not always the best option. The Silk Road is not the only route. And the numbers are impressive, but not the only numbers. These are some of the inights Onno de Jong will be sharing at the New Silk Road Poland Gateway Summit on March 20-21. As a consultant working… Read more ›

‘With transparency on route the end client can sleep well’

Rail freight transport on the New Silk Road may be fast, but the road is also long and contains several interactions. Thus, the risk of disturbances is higher than on other routes. This is the key message of Felix Schwarz, Expert Telematic Solutions at Savvy Telematics. He is one of the speakers at the Silk… Read more ›

How NUNNER stepped out on the New Silk Road

In just a few days’ time, Amsterdam will join the growing number of European locations with a direct rail freight service to China. It will be the latest chapter in the successful story of NUNNER Logistics, and in particular its rail expert Erik Groot Wassink, a speaker at next month’s Silk Road Gateway Poland Summit (March 20-21)…. Read more ›

Silk Road experts join line-up for first rail freight summit

Acclaimed Silk Road author Professor Richard Griffiths is among the latest confirmed speakers for the Silk Road Gateway Poland summit, which is being held in Wroclaw from March 20-21. One of the world’s leading authorities on the New Silk Road, and author of the acclaimed 2017 book, Revitalising the Silk Road. Prof Griffiths will examine… Read more ›

Europe-China rail strategy must harness potential of southern Silk Road

A prevailing focus on the Europe-China northern rail freight route is detracting from the possibilities offered by southern Europe and Asia’s other diverse economies, says Professor Richard Griffiths, one of the world’s leading Silk Road experts.  His book, Revitalising the Silk Road (2017), is considered one of the foremost examinations of the entire Silk Road… Read more ›

Silk Road Summit: ‘Blockchain can be a game changer for rail freight’

The use of blockchain technology within the rail freight sector has the potential to be a ‘game changer’ for the industry. That’s the view of Dutch logistics expert Klara Paardenkooper, a key speaker at the forthcoming inaugural RailFreight Summit in Poland. Described by some, albeit rather simplistically, as the new internet, blockchain can be seen… Read more ›