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Conferences for Freight Professionals

Category: Freight and Terminal Forum 2019

‘Terminal strategy is key, but almost absent in Europe’

“At the end of the day, improving rail terminal efficiency is a question of being competitive with the entire logistics chain”, said Ralf Charley Schultze, president of the International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport (UIRR). He will be chairman of the day at the conference Improving Rail Terminal Efficiency, held on 28 March in Utrecht,… Read more ›

Digital tool to align terminal and railway traffic in Port of Antwerp

Alignment between terminal planning and traffic management is sometimes hard to find in the rail freight industry. Thanks to new technologies, this is about to change, at least in the Port of Antwerp. The Rail Traffic System is to bring all parties together in one digital platform. “The Rail Traffic System (RTS) is a web… Read more ›

New rail terminal puts non-cranable trailers on track

Trailers are traditionally transported by road, but this is about to change. A terminal for the transport of non-cranable trailers by rail is in the pipeline in the Netherlands. The concept should bring about a revolution in the freight industry, the developers say. Trailers have long been elements of road transport, with the exception of the… Read more ›

Driverless wagon ready to hit the track in the Netherlands

Autonomous single wagons that access whatever train path is accessible: that is the future of rail freight. These wagons will make rail as flexible as road, believes Paul van Bers, Innovation Project Manager at Container shift2rail. The wagons are already there, but some challenges remain. Van Bers will present this innovation at the Freight and… Read more ›