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RailFreight Webinar: Intermodal Poland during the corona crisis

Whereas the intermodal volumes in Poland usually show record figures, the market has been unstable for the last few weeks. The coronavirus has impacted the market. First in terms of trade with China, then in terms of supply and demand in Poland, and Europe.

Swiss Alps still see 300,000 trucks too many

Two years after the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in 2016 the number of trucks passing through the Swiss Alpine structure should have been less than 650 thousand per year. This was the ambition of the Swiss government, but the goal was not achieved. Nevertheless, the Swiss modal shift can be considered a success…. Read more ›

Rail Freight Award goes to RailApp

Innovations from five different countries underscore the international character of the RailTech Innovation Awards 2019. These were presented on Tuesday evening in the Nicolaïkerk in Utrecht. Jury chairman Rolf Dollevoet presented the seven prizes after the first day of RailTech Europe 2019. RailApp won the award in the Rail Freight Transport category A total of… Read more ›

Freight and Terminal Forum – Live Blog Day 1

On 26, 27, and 28 March the Freight and Terminal Forum is taking place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This is the live blog, with news updates, videos and interviews of this first freight edition of the RailTech

Blockchain a realistic solution for rail freight

Blockchain is no longer a hype; it has become a realistic solution, also for the rail freight sector. How can the industry benefit from this new technology? Klara Paardenkooper will explain this in a workshop about the ‘logistics applications of blockchain’ at the Freight & Terminal Forum. Paardenkooper is chain manager blockchain at the RDM… Read more ›

Freight and Terminal Forum kicks off

On 26, 27, and 28 March the Freight and Terminal is taking place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This is the first freight edition of the RailTech Europe. Three days of free workshops are lined up, in addition to a one-day conference programme about terminal efficiency. Workshops The first high-speed railway service for freight, the Swiss… Read more ›

The Netherlands at the forefront in reducing noise pollution

The Netherlands is at the forefront in reducing noise pollution caused by rail freight traffic. This is because it is a densely populated country where many people drive close to the track. Currently, more than half of the freight equipment that runs in the Netherlands is silent. Cast-iron braked freight wagons will disappear completely in… Read more ›

High-speed line for freight: not just fast, also on time

After almost five months of service the Mercitalia Fast can be considered a success. The first-high-speed freight train of the world achieved a 96 per cent punctuality, with the remaining 4 per cent delayed by less than half an hour. Moreover, there were no reported damages or cases of theft. Operator of the train Mercitalia… Read more ›

‘The Netherlands must upgrade railways for 740-metre trains now’

The Netherlands should speed up efforts in preparing the railway network for 740-metre long trains. Germany is allocating the budget for the upgrades required, while in Switzerland the north-south route will be cleared for 750-meter trains in 2021. “In the Netherlands we are still in the study phase. We need to move on”, said Hans-Willem… Read more ›

Arctic fuel and withstanding -25° C: the reefer container

The demand for conditioned container transport is increasing, and so is the preference for environmentally friendly products. Unit45 understood these trends and developed the 45ft reefer container, the first in Europe to handle 33 europallets. Managing Director Jan Koolen will present this reefer in a workshop on 27 March at the Freight & Terminal Forum…. Read more ›