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RailFreight Summit 2023: fresh outlook, registrations open

24 January 2023

Registrations for the RailFreight Summit 2023 are now open. Do you have something to do with rail and with Poland? Then you will want to be at this event, where hundreds of rail professionals gather every year.

The sixth edition of the RailFreight Summit takes place on 19 & 20 April in Warsaw. Didn’t we organise the 5th edition there too? Yes, but the 5th edition was such a success that we decided to stay in Warsaw for another edition. Moreover, we have moved the event from September to April, so we meet sooner than you may have thought.

Why Poland?

The importance of Poland for the rail freight industry cannot be denied. It plays a crucial role on the New Silk Road, and it has some of the most important ports in Europe. But also within Europe, the country has many roles to play, with connections to almost every corner of the continent.

If you are a rail or logistics professional, the chance is high that you are, in some way or another, involved with Poland. That is why we organise the RailFreight Summit, for the 6th year in a row now.

What is on the agenda?

This year, we focus on bringing people together. To make sure that everyone meets the right people, we have four focus areas from which the participants can choose: Poland on the New Silk Road, Poland and Ukraine, Poland and the CEE region and Poland and Western Europe.

But it would not be the RailFreight Summit if we did not zoom in on the current challenges of the rail freight industry in Poland. In a plenary session, we discuss the new infrastructure plans for Poland, which are challenged by the lack of EU funds. What does the future of Malaszewicze look like? Which projects still go on, and which are less likely to proceed? What can the international community do to safeguard the important passage through Poland?

Board the train

We know that rail professionals in an international landscape need sufficient meeting ground. That is why we have dedicated more than usual time in the programme for networking. The breaks will be longer, and the meeting opportunities will be more. There will be speed dating, interactive sessions and free time.

Together with your industry peers you will board the train for a journey around the CEE region. You choose your destination (the focus areas) based on your business interest. And at Central Station you get out for more networking. Join us for this exciting journey and board with us at CEE time!

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