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PKP Cargo launches new trains between Poland and Italy

PKP Cargo Connect, a subsidiary of PKP Cargo, has launched new rail freight services between Poland and Italy. They provide a reliable link from important hubs as Gdańsk and Małaszewicze to the Italian junction of Piacenza. The new connections depart from the termini three times per week.
After consolidating its internal services, PKP Cargo is moving further abroad. It has developed a new offer to the customers: from Gdańsk and Małaszewicze to the Italian city of Piacenza. “The choice of these destinations results from market conditions – Gdańsk is the largest container port on the Baltic Sea, and Małaszewicze is the main transhipment point for trains travelling on the New Silk Road between China and the European Union,” the Polish company stated.

The new intermodal services run under the trademark ‘the Connect Operator’. To deliver containers from Gdańsk or Małaszewicze to Piacenza, it takes around three days. For both services, Gliwice has a pivotal role. It is the Polish city in the Silesian Voivodeship where the southernmost terminal of PKP Cargo is located. As a result, this facility has a convenient geographical location and serves as a junction for the container trains running between Poland and Italy.

Key advantages

According to PKP Cargo, the new services have several key advantages. The first one is a fixed timetable. “Therefore, the customers know that when they send a freight, it will depart and arrive at this time”, CEO of PKP Cargo Czesław Warsewicz noted. In addition, the Polish company offers the first/last mile option for delivering containers to/from terminals using the lorries.

PKP Cargo also plans to extend the network of branded trains. In the coming months, the largest Polish rail freight company intends to launch the new services from the ports of Gdańsk and Gdynia to its intermodal terminals in Warsaw and Poznań. They could be also linked with the trains to Piacenza. Now, the Polish company is exploring the opportunities for this.

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