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More improvements on Polish broad gauge railway

Polish rail freight company PKP LHS continues to invest in the modernisation of the Broad Gauge Line in the southeastern part of the country. Today’s key project is the expansion of the Hrubieszów station at the Ukrainian border. It is dedicated to increasing safety and operational capacity.
PKP LHS has signed a contract with a consortium of companies led by PWiK Bytom for the expansion of the Hrubieszów border station. The project includes the construction of a hump track of 1,520 millimetres gauge, reconstruction of seven tracks of 1,435 millimetres gauge, modernisation of the wagon hall, which will be adapted for transhipment operations and border control services, upgrade of the rail traffic control system. In addition, there will be installed special track detectors to monitor track occupancy as well as the CCTV system.

“Despite the spread of the epidemic, we have not stopped our investment projects. Thanks to this, we prepare infrastructure that will support the economic development of regions where the broad gauge runs through over the next years”, said Zbigniew Tracichleb, President of the Management Board of PKP LHS.

Other projects

Meanwhile, PKP LHS intends to complete several other infrastructure projects mainly focused on safety issues. In March, it concluded an agreement with Mosty Katowice for the expansion of the Local Control Centre at the Sędziszów station. This project will allow PKP LHS to improve computer-based interlocking on two sections of the broad gauge railway: from Sędziszów to Raczyce and Bukowno. Also, the company plans to construct a new control centre at the Wola Baranowska station. It will be responsible for interlocking on two sections: from Wola Baranowska to Huta Deręgowska and Grzybów.

Kovel – Izov line

The Metallurgy Broad Gauge Line is a freight-dedicated railway that runs in southeastern Poland, from Hrubieszów at the Ukrainian border to Sławków in 25 kilometres from Katowice. It is connected to the Ukrainian railway network with the same gauge. This creates a good opportunity for freight due to unneccessity of additional transhipment operations.

Ukrainian Railway (UZ), in its turn, is also interested in the development of the freight operations on the broad gauge to Sławków as it will have a positive impact on its own volumes. Therefore, the Ukrainian company plans to electrify the Kovel – Izov line which is directly connected to the Hrubieszów – Sławków route. The electrification of the 94-kilometre section will facilitate the rail freight services between Ukraine and Poland as well as the container trains from China.

RailFreight Summit Poznan

PKP LHS will deliver a presentation on its plans and opportunities at the RailFreight Summit Poland that will take place in the Polish city of Poznań on 1, 2 and 3 September.  Are you interested in this event? Visit the website or register here.

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