Freight & Terminal Forum

UtrechtThe Netherlands

Harald Jony
Managing Director at WienCont Container Terminal Gesellschaft

Presentation title:
WienCont – Trimodality Reinterpreted

As one of the leading trimodal hinterland terminals in Europe, the WienCont Container Terminal connects the three traffic routes rail, water and road. Trimodality not only means flexibility while protecting the environment, but also the opportunity to take advantage of each of the three transport routes and use them for success. The presentation will focus on how WienCont is utilising new technology to streamline operations, installing automatic IN-Gate for road and operations to speed up processes.

Speaker biography:
Since the beginning of 2018 Harald Jony is the Managing Director of WienCont, the biggest Trimodal Terminal in Vienna and Austria, and has been active in the logistic sector since 2003. Before 2018 he was Business Unit Manager Automotive at Rail Cargo Group and before that Director of Energy Management & Sales at Austrian Federeal Railways (ÖBB) for some years. Harald Jony is now responsible for Operations and Sales at WienCont and drvier of Innovations in that sector.